User Comments

"Excellent support with sample preparation, during the visit to SuperSTEM and afterwards with data evaluation and processing"

"SuperSTEM is the best place to go for all your STEM needs! Everyone was so accommodating, knowledgeable, and great hosts. I don't think I could get better data anywhere else."

"Great facility, great flexibility of staff in accommodating needs, very helpful with data evaluation, very proactive with publicising results, great expertise in instrument use and data acquisition."

"SuperSTEM is an invaluable facility that provides state of the art atomic resolution microscopy and spectroscopy, tools that are must for nanofield research."

"This facility is key for enabling access to high end microscopy and spectroscopy techniques in the UK. No other facility provides the open access, fantastic instruments and capable staff"

"The imaging capabilities of the facility are unparalleled in most of the world. We have been able to conduct studies at the SuperSTEM that are impossible to conduct elsewhere. The staff in particular are excellent; they respond in a timely manner, are world-renowned experts in their field, and will be part of our long term collaborations."