Facilitiy Statistics

The Key Performance Indicators for the EPSRC National Research Facility for Advanced Electron Microscopy are as follows:

  • Percentage of User enquiries responded to within 5 days
  • Percentage of Access Requests Responded to within 8 weeks
  • Percentage of Training Requests Responded to within 1 month
  • Percentage of Training Requests Delivered within 3 months
  • Number of User Complaints (expressed as a percentage of the Total Number of User Approvals made within the period)
  • Percentage Planned Uptime/Down time per instrument of Total Available Time within Period
  • Percentage of Access Costs recovered by year 3
  • Percentage of Access Costs recovered by year 5
  • Number of Publications

Additional reported figures:

  • Number of new users;
  • % of non-consortium users PIs making proposals;
  • Total number of proposals submitted;
  • Number of off-site 8 hour user days.