Offsite Session Submission Form

Internal Use Only!

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Offsite Sample Logging

When working with new samples (i.e. not been at SuperSTEM yet) please assign and label each sample with the next available SuperSTEM sample ID from the list below and fill in the sample details and location:

(if you run out of sample IDs, let Dorothea know. Please don't add new IDs yourself.)


Offsite Session Logging and Data Upload

1) Upload your offsite session data file

SuperSTEM is required by EPSRC to store all session data centrally. Please upload you offsite session data to SuperSTEM's cloud server:

Please use the following Naming Convention for the uploaded zip/tar file:

2) Fill in the Offsite Session Form

Two things to keep in mind when logging offsite sessions:

  • A microscope session is defined by a single sample & single microscope. When you change the sample or microscope you need to create a new session
  • A session is never longer than a day, i.e. if you keep the sample in the microscope for the next day you still have to create a new session on the next day.

Note: Don't forget to press the submit button at the bottom of the form!