On-Site Staff

photo of Quentin Ramasse

Professor Quentin Ramasse 


Chair of Advanced Electron Microscopy University of Leeds

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 907

group photo

Almost a group photo (Iain on a walkabout)

Photo of Iain Godfrey

Dr Iain Godfrey 

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 901 

Photo of Khalil El Hajraoui

Dr Khalil El Hajraoui

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 903 


photo of Demie Kepaptsoglou

Dr Demie Kepaptsoglou 

Senior Lecturer, University of York

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 902

photo of Dorothea Mücke-Herzberg

Dr Dorothea Mücke-Herzberg  

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 909 

photo of Aleksander Mosberg

Dr Aleksander Mosberg

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 912 


Dr Shihao Wang

Tel.: +44 (0)1925 864 905


Visitors and Associates

Photo of Matthieu Bugnet

Dr Matthieu Bugnet

CNRS Researcher - INSA Lyon 

Visiting Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Tel.:+44 (0)1925 864 909


Dr Sean Collins 

University Academic Fellow

School of Chemical and Process Engineering  & School of Chemistry

University of Leeds

Dr Shelly Conroy 

Lecturer, RS URF 

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials 

Imperial College London

Dr Fredrik Hage

Assistant Professor 

Department of Physics

University of Oslo, Norway

photo of Eric Prestat

Dr Eric Prestat

Senior Scientist


photo of Paul Sharp

Dr Paul Sharp

Dr Alpesh Khushalchand Shukla 

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Molecular Foundry

Visiting Research Associate University of Leeds (SCaPE)

Advisory Board

Professor Rik Brydson (University of Leeds)

Professor Quentin Ramasse (University of Leeds) 

Professor Peter Nellist (University of Oxford)

Dr. Vlado Lazarov (University of York)

Dr. Demie Kepaptsoglou (University of York)

Dr. Sarah Haigh (University of Manchester)

Prof. Nigel Browning (University of Liverpool)

Dr. Donald McLaren (University of Glasgow)

Past Group Members 

On-Site Staff 

Prof. Andrew Beloch

Dr Patricia Abellan Baeza

Dr Ruth Chantry

Dr Meiken Falke 

Dr Uwe Falke 

Dr Mhairi Gass

Dr David Hernandez Maldonado

Dr Budhika Mendis

Dr Timothy Pennycook

Dr Kasim Sader

Dr Michael Sarahan

Prof. Mervyn Shannon

Dr Bernhard Schaffer

Dr Miroslava Schaffer

Dr Peng Wang  

PhD students 

Sarah Pan (University of Leeds) 

Dinesh Ram (University of Liverpool) 

Paul Robb (University of Glasgow) 

Linshu Jiang (University of Liverpool) 

Suneel Mottru (University of Liverpool)

Peng Wang (University of Liverpool)

Recep Zan (University of Manchester)