Your proposal has been accepted. Read on for information to help you get the most out of your collaboration with SuperSTEM:

Prepare for your visit

After your proposal has been accepted and instrument time has been allocated, please contact the SuperSTEM research scientist assigned to your project to arrange your visit and discuss the particulars of your experiments (such as sample pre-screening…).

The SuperSTEM Sample Handling Handbook (SSHH) provides a very complete set of guidelines, established procedures and recommendations for sample handling and transportation, sample storage and more generally sample preparation. (Download SSHH)

Information about travel to the SciTech Daresbury campus, local transport options and accommodation can be found in the relevant sections of the SuperSTEM website.

If you are travelling from outside the EU, you may need to obtain a visa to gain entry into the U.K. Please allow for ample time for the visa application process before you book your SuperSTEM time and do not hesitate to contact us should you need official documents confirming your intent to carry out collaborative research at SuperSTEM.

During your visit

You will be looked after by your assigned SuperSTEM research scientist who will conduct the microscope session together with you. There will be a lunch break at the on-site restaurant. For the duration of your stay at SuperSTEM you will have use of a desk with access to Eduroam or the STFC guest wifi (You will have to apply for guest wifi login and password at the site reception when you arrive).

After your visit

Data Evaluation and Analysis

The SuperSTEM facility provides a number of high end data analysis computers with processing and simulation software, as well as a 10-node computer cluster for larger computational jobs. All users are encouraged to visit SuperSTEM at their convenience if they wish to use this equipment and software to process their data or to discuss their results with us!

For those users that wish to process their data upon their return to their home institutions a list with some of the many commercially or freely available data evaluation programs can be found on our Resources page The SuperSTEM staff will be happy to follow up and assist users with their data processing and evaluation!

If you have developed a processing method which you wish to share with the SuperSTEM user community or if you know of any other programs that would be useful to users please let us know and we will include it in our list!


We ask you kindly to let us know of any publication or scientific contribution that result from your experiments at SuperSTEM. This enables us to gather information on the impact of SuperSTEM and aides us in securing future funding.

SuperSTEM is funded by EPSRC and we therefore ask that both are acknowledged accordingly in any resulting publication. Your assigned SuperSTEM research scientist will discuss possible co-authorships with you.


We welcome your feedback and comments. The results of our User Survey 2014 are available. We aim high! Please feel free to talk to our staff or director to discuss any issue at any time. But should you wish to make a formal complaint this form is for you.

Further questions?

You can always get in touch with with us via email or phone, but we would also like to encourage you to use the SuperSTEM User Forum.