SuperSTEM Launch

11 January 2012

Launch Day of the EPSRC National Facility for Aberration Corrected STEM

To mark the launch of the new EPSRC National Facility for Aberration Corrected STEM provided by SuperSTEM and funded by EPSRC, SuperSTEM held an opening ceremony with inauguration lectures and a poster and discussion session on Wednesday 11 January 2012. The official opening was conducted by Dr Andrew Bourne, Head of Physical Sciences (EPSRC). (Program)

The SuperSTEM team and invited speakers getting ready.

From l. to r.: Prof Colin Whitehouse (STFC), Demie Kepaptsoglou, Iain Godfrey, Rik Brydson, Andrew iller MP, Peter Nellist, Ian MacLaren, Prof Sir Konstantin Novoselov (Manchester), Mervyn Shannon, Uschi Bangert, Dr Andrew Bourne (EPSRC), Dorothea Muecke-Herzberg, Gordon Tatlock, Quentin Ramasse

Prof Rik Brydson, Chair of the SuperSTEM consortium, welcomed the assembled guests of science, industry and politics in the atrium of the STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

The inauguration lecturers:

Dr Ondrej Krivanek (Nion)

Prof Christian Colliex

(Orsay LPS)

Nobel Laureate Prof Sir Konstantin Novoselov

Dr Quentin Ramasse (Research Director SuperSTEM)

A collage of the launch day on YouTube:

The inauguration lectures were followed by addresses of:

Prof Colin Whitehouse (Head STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

Andrew Miller, MP

(Chair Science & Technology Select Committee)

Dr Andrew Bourne

(Head of Physical Sciences, EPSRC)

Graham Evans, MP

(Weaver Vale)

And, now, the official opening by

Dr Andrew Bourne:

The SuperSTEM Team old and new (right-to-left: Mick Brown, Peter Goodhew, Meiken Falke, Ian MacLaren, Uschi Bangert, Gordon Tatlock, Demie Kepaptsoglou, Iain Godfrey, Dorothea Muecke-Herzberg, Mervyn Shannon, Peter Nellist, Quentin Ramasse, Rik Brydson) with Graham Evans, MP, Andrew Miller, MP, and Andrew Bourne (EPSRC)

The new EPSRC National Facility for Aberration Corrected STEM is officially open. Come and talk to us about the project you have in mind and see what our instruments and expertise can add to it!