SuperSTEM @ Conferences

You have the opportunity to learn about the latest SuperSTEM research and talk to SuperSTEM scientists at the following upcoming international conferences:

MC 2011 Kiel

Wednesday, August 31
18:00 IM5.515 Applicationsof atomic resolution EELS mapping Bernhard Schaffer, F. Azough, M. Schaffer, D. Abou-Ras, D. Cherns, I. MacLaren, A. Craven

Thursday, September 1
11:30 M6.633Understanding electroceramics at the atomic scale – HAADF imaging and EELS mapping with Cs-corrected STEM Bernhard Schaffer, F. Azough, L. Wang, S. Miao, I. MacLaren, A.J. Craven, R. Freer, I.M. Reaney


Monday, August 29
14:00-16:00 M1.P508 High resolution grain boundary analysis of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films in solar cells D. Abou-Ras, S.S. Schmidt, R. Caballero, T. Unold, H.-W. Schock, C.T. Koch, B. Schaffer, M. Schaffer, P.-P. Choi, O. Cojocaru-Mirédin

Tuesday, August 30
M2.P523 Evidence for molecular N2 bubble formation in a (Ga,Fe)N magnetic semiconductor A. Kovács, B. Schaffer, M.S. Moreno, T. KASAMA, A.J. Craven, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski
14:00-16:00 M2.P548 Analytical STEM investigations of Sn-Pd nanoparticles with core- shell structures D. Häussler, B. Schaffer, F. Liu, F. Hofer, X. B. Zhang, W. Jäger

Thursday, Septermber 1
14:00-16:00 IM7.P186 Atomic resolution STEM at low kV – a challenge for FIB sample preparation M. Schaffer, B. Schaffer, M. Falke, Q. Ramasse, I.Godfrey, R. Caballero
14:00-16:00 M6.P621 Imaging the surface of Rutile by STEM and its implication for organic molecule bonding B. Schaffer, K.J.T. Livi, D. Azzolini, C.R. Seabourne, K. Sader, M. Shannon, D. Sverjensky, R. Hazen, R. Brydson

MCM2011 Urbino


M&M 2011 Nashville       

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