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Basic Data Processing and Analysis Software

The majority of the data acquired at the SuperSTEM are in the Gatan Digital Micrograph (DM) .dm3 file format. 

For those users who have access to the  DM  software, a variety of useful freeware scripts can be found in the Digital Micrograph™Script Databasehosted  by FELMI at the Graz University of Technology. 

Great tools for 
DM, as well as examples and tutorials for scripting can be found at Dave Mitchell's Digital Micrograph™ Scripting Website.  If you have access to  DM  but not the Gatan Spectrum Imaging package look out especially for Dave Mitchell's SITools (very handy!!).

If you do not have access to DM™  a very good freeware alternative is the Java-based ImageJ image processing software, available for all major OS platforms. ImageJ has an embedded plug-in that  can read .dm3 files.  

Analysis of spectra and Spectrum Images, including Gaussian fitting and principal component analysis (PCA) can also be preformed in ImageJ though the Cornell Spectrum Imager (CSI). Cornel CSI can be downloaded as an ImageJ distribution or separate plug-in.  

Advanced Data Processing and Simulations

Hyperspy is a powerful (line command) all-inclusive multidimensional data analysis package, including Principle Component Analysis  and set of functions for EELS data analysis and other spectroscopies.

HREM Research provides a selection of commercial and free ware tools for DM™. We are proud to serve as 
Associated Demonstration Site for several HREM research tools; including MSA and DeConvHAADF.

QSTEM by C. Koch is a freeware package for quantitative si
mulations of TEM and STEM images. On the QSTEM page you'll find a comprehensive tutorial and several useful examples.

EELSMODEL is a freeware used for the quantification of EELS spectra by model fitting.

CTM4XAS is a freeware for the simulation of transition metal core level spectra, including  XAS, EELS, XES and XPS.

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