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SuperSTEM invites you to the
5th Summer School on Aberration Corrected STEM

Registration is now closed!

It builds on the established summer schools held at SuperSTEM every two years. This year the summer school will be run as a pre-conference satellite event to emc2012 at the Materials Science Centre in Manchester and is run in association with the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS).

This is an exciting time of development on several fronts in the science, technology and application of electron microscopy. Aberration-correction is one of the most significant of recent advances. Image correctors have enhanced TEM considerably providing more readily interpretable images and greater precision in atom location, particularly in association with exit-wave reconstruction. But the enhancement to imaging and to analysis at the single atomic column or even single atom level resulting from the smaller brighter electron probes provided by aberration-correction has perhaps given STEM the greater impact.

he talks and practicals of this school will cover the topics of aberration-correction optics, STEM imaging modes, analysis, simulation of images EELS spectra and advanced applications of AC-STEM and is presented by experts in the field. It is intended for all PhD students, post-docs, academic and technical staff who use aberration-corrected STEM as a significant part of their research. The first day covers the fundamentals with more advanced lectures and practical sessions on the following day and a half. Delegates will receive comprehensive notes and a copy of the recently published handbook “Aberration-Corrected Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy” (Wiley 2011) written by members of the SuperSTEM team.

The School is part funded by EPSRC through the EPSRC National Facility for Aberration Corrected STEM.


University of Manchester Materials Science Centre
Room D14, Building 25 on map


 Friday, 14/09/2012
 Saturday, 15/09/2012
 Sunday, 16/09/2012
Registration  08:30 Atomic-resolution STEM Imaging: theory and simulation
Peter Nellist

Low loss/valence EELS with high energy and spatial resolution.
Ray Egerton
 09:30 Introductory lecture
Quentin Ramasse
 09:30 Modelling EELS and EDX mapping at atomic resolution
Les Allen
 09:30 Aberration-corrected imaging at low primary energies
Ute Kaiser
 10:30     Coffee  10:30 Coffee  10:30 Coffee
 11:00 Principles of STEM
Alan Craven
Masahi watanabe
 11:00 Monochromator Design and Applications
Ondrej Krivanek
 12:30      Lunch
 12:00 Lunch  12:00 Lunch and Finish
 13:30 Aberrations and their correction
Andrew Bleloch
 13:00 Transfer to SuperSTEM

 13:00 End of Summer School
 15:00  Tea  13:30 Practicals in groups:
1. Operation of SSTEM instrunments
SuperSTEM team
DigitalMicrograph, Scripting and Data Analysis
Bernhard Schaffer
3. FIB sample preparation for TEM/STEM at low kV
Mirka Schaffer
 15:30 Spectroscopy (EELS and EDX) in the AC-STEM era
Rik Brydson
 17:00 SuperSTEM application presentations
SuperSTEM team
 17:00 Finish
BBQ at SuperSTEM
 19:00 Canal trip with dinner

The Meeting point for the boat trip is next to the Mark Addy Pub (about 1 mile from the venue)
 Return to Manchester


Registration is now closed as the maximum number of registrants has been reached.

The registration fee for the 5th Summer School is €402 for registration before 16th June and €432 thereafter and covers:
  • Participation in all lectures and practical sessions
  • Transport to/from Materials Science Centre to SuperSTEM facility for practicals
  • Lunches
  • Dinner and BBQ
  • Handouts
Registration is through the
RMS emc2012 registration facility, even if you don't attend emc2012 itself (you can select only the summer school during the registration process) using the following links:
Fill out your details and add the summer school (Satellite Meeting 1) to your chosen list of events towards the end of the registration process.

There is a limited number of preferential rate accommodation (£67 for single or £69.50 for double occupancy) at the IBIS hotel at Charles St in Manchester (5 min from the School venue)
. A special booking code will be given out to the registrants at a first come first serve basis.

For enquiries regarding the content of the programme please contact Prof Mervyn Shannon.

We are looking forward to seeing you!