SuperSTEM3 Inauguration Workshop: 19-20 February 2015

Over 120 guests joined the SuperSTEM team and EPSRC to celebrate the installation on STFC's Daresbury Scientific Campus of the facility's new state-of-the-art monochromated Nion Hermes microscope during a hugely successful two-day international workshop

World-renowned speakers delivered inspiring scientific lectures and provided their views and hopes for what scientists might be able to achieve with this new generation of electron microscope. The "excitement of the unknown", prospects for "mapping phonons and other low energy excitations" were systematic topics of discussion during the lectures, over coffee and late into the night after the gala dinner. These are exciting times for electron microscopy, and with the unprecedented <15meV resolution this instrument already achieves a mere 3 weeks after its arrival on site (in boxes), Prof. Archie Howie's hope to "lure physicists back into electron microscopy to tackle the experimental and theoretical challenges posed by such capabilities" may soon come true.  

The participants indeed had a chance at the end of the workshop to see the new instrument in action - including a first time glimpse at an optical phonon peak for boron nitride using an electron microscope thanks to expert operation by SuperSTEM's Fredrik Hage.

Images courtesy of Laura Bennett and Stuart Eyres of STFC Daresbury Media Group

The EPSRC also voiced strong confidence in the instrument. “EPSRC investment in SuperSTEM has consistently led to high research output,” said Phil Nelson, CEO of the EPSRC in his opening address for the inauguration. He highlighted the volume of highly cited papers from the facility, as well as the UK in general, which receive
s a lower percentage GDP investment in R&D compared with the European average. He described it as “a return on investment that is second to none.”

This, of course, would never be possible without the hugely fruitful interactions with all of
SuperSTEM's collaborators! So the final word must go to our users and collaborators and to all of our guests during the inauguration ceremony.

Thank you so much again for making this inauguration ceremony a success. We hope to see you again soon in Daresbury!


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